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    I couldn’t believe how rarely she repeats herself, and just how many there were. You really outdid yourself with Yerin.

    Will Wight

    It was really hard at first. I had to do a specific dialogue pass for Yerin every time.

    The further I got, the more I internalized the rules for her, but it’s still hard. That said, part of me feels like she should repeat herself more often. More than just “cheers and celebration,” “bet my soul against X,” and “bleed and bury me.”

    It’s more realistic than having a new saying every time, you know?

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    In cultivation novels, one of the common tropes is the "icy beauty" - an impossibly beautiful female character with a cold hearted and emotionless persona.

    Enter the Winter Sage, who is litterally an ice artist, but also the exact oposite of the usual icy beauty trope. She is the most emotional character in Cradle. She has no control over her outward emotions and as a result often abandons the decorum expected of her rank. It is such a clear reversal of the trope I cant believe it is anything but intentional.

    Will Wight

    It is 100% intentional.

    I never had a problem with any given character practicing ice powers and then being frozen-hearted, but it came up AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN until I was like “Okay, why is it a law that every single ice practitioner has to be emotionless? Wind-users aren’t flighty. The main character is always a fire-user who can keep his emotions under control just fine.”

    So anyway, I flipped it.

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    I [doubt] there is an icon for every weapon out there.

    Will Wight

    Every iconic one, yeah! You could absolutely become a representation of an iconic spearman, or archer, or Stabby Daggerman(tm).


    Or what about those people who do not use sword aura but still become renowned swordsmen can they summon the sword icon?

    Will Wight


    The way Cradle—and different individuals within Cradle—refers to Icons is colored by their experience, but there’s not this Master List of Icons that you can summon.

    It’s a lot more about embodying an archetypal concept that the Way then recognizes with a visible manifestation. If you became the archetypal representative of all spearmen you would definitely manifest the Spear Icon.

    It’s related to Ozriel being the first person to become a Judge of Destruction. There were eight recognized archetypal properties of absolute order, seven of which were manifested by the Judges (the eighth being lost Creation).

    Destruction was never considered a property of order, but rather a property of chaos, until Ozriel manifested it in the Way.

    Footnote: dualt=doubt? maybe?
    Sources: Reddit
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    Pride vs Harmony?

    Will Wight

    Pride and Harmony have definitely fought before. As kids, Harmony won. He’s older than Pride, and he really was skilled.

    As they got older and Pride earned his Book and learned to use it, he would win competitions, but they didn’t directly fight much if at all. Harmony would avoid that.

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    Travis Baldree

    Wei Shi Jaran shaded his new eyes as he watched the flying ships approach from the east. Only long years of practice allowed him to keep up his stoic front. He could see again. Even the pattern on the bark of a tree was fascinating to him now and this display. He couldn’t believe he had almost missed half the sky changing colors like a dozen different flavors of sunset. He almost regretted not taking his son up on the offer of new eyes immediately. Almost. But in the end he had been right to avoid the risk. Whatever advancement Lindon had achieved he was still an amateur. Jaran had been reluctant enough to allow his own wife to attach the Remnant’s eyes to his and he had only allowed that because advancing to Jade would fix any problems the eyes caused. Not that he had noticed any problems so far. Lindon it seemed had been right that these Remnant eyes worked roughly the same as human ones. They glowed a soft white-pink and didn’t look natural but Jaran had never cared what others thought about his appearance.

    All in all he had been correct to wait. He was glad to have eyes now but his son was too impatient. Endurance and fortitude were the way. Lindon would learn that when he realized he’d ruined his own future advancement with his impatience. Ribbons of green wind madra spiraled around the entire fleet of the foreigners and Jaran leaned on his cane to get closer to his wife’s ear. “The Blackflame Empire youve said?”

    She nodded absently her drudge bristled with sensors and she checked some flashing scripts on its back writing down some readings. Analyzing the patterns of the madra used for the display?

    “That’s supposed to be the Emperor and his entourage. Seeing this I can believe it.”

    “And how big is the Blackflame Empire?”

    “Very.” Seisha said quietly.

    Jaran didn’t give any external sign of how much that thought disturbed him. He wasn’t stupid he had picked up Orthos’s stories and heard others talking since leaving Sacred Valley. Even if you took out the parts that were obviously exaggeration the Empire dworfed Sacred Valley and the surrounding lands many times over.

    “How advanced is he?” Jaran asked.


    He frowned. “Overlord that’s?”

    “Yes like Lindon” she said in a long-suffering tone that put him on edge. “I told you.”

    “Can’t be that impressive” he grumbled. Lindon was an Overlord and he wasn’t even twenty yet. Either this Blackflame Emperor was only a child or Lindon’s advancement was inflated. Probably the second one. There was no way to advance. What was it six stages? Six stages or so in only three or four years without harming your own spirit. He had seen young warriors push up to Jade too quickly. Before they were ready. And they were always weaker than their peers. Suddenly a thousand golden stars burst from a cloud over their heads and Jaran looked straight up in shock. A large and dark blue cloud hung over them and he hadn’t given it much notice. It seemed everyone outside the Valley used Thousand-Mile Clouds for transportation and there was nothing to attract his attention to this one compared to the Emperor’s fleet. Nothing except now the golden stars that burst out and flew around the cloud in a complex web. It shone like a firework that never ended like one of the festival displays that required all the Wei clan Jades to coordinate and that was only the beginning. Red light burst from the top of the cloud in a column that stretched toward the sky a flash of crimson that outshone even the Empire’s celebration. After a few seconds the vibrant beam burst and a shower of crimson lights fell like needles down to the earth below.

    Jaran’s body felt great pressure as though this technique pushed on his muscles directly. He may not have been a Jade but his hand still clenched on his cane as he sensed this attack. The needles burst into harmless essence at once before they struck the treetops red sparks fading into the sky.

    A low whistle came from Seisha’s drudge and she stared around her in shock. “That level of control?”

    “They must have scripted it” Jaran said but without certainty. If Seisha was impressed she had reason to be.

    “That was controlled directly” Seisha said. “And it was one person.”

    Jaran stared at her looking for signs of a joke. That technique had covered the sky and dwarfed the entire spectacle coming from the Blackflame Empire and theirs was clearly the work of many sacred artists. But she wasn’t joking and there was more. Above the Thousand-Mile Cloud more clouds began to whirl in the air. These were clouds of dark flame. Kelsa had described Orthos to him and Jaran had heard about his son’s Path. But it was something else to see a hurricane of black fire swirling overhead a burning vortex. Stinging hot wind blew down on him though he couldn’t guess how many miles away the fire really was. The golden stars that had been spinning around the cloud fortress were now joined by stars of dense blue white energy. Dark balls of flame fell from the spiral overhead and they danced with crimson sparks that shone somehow silver. The colors of madra wove a complex pattern with one another and then rushed out toward the Emperor’s fleet. From the way the music faltred Jaran felt the hesitation of the sacred artists aboard the incoming cloud ships. If he had been standing aboard one of them himself he would have assumed he was about to be bombarded by a volley of Striker techniques. But these stars spun around encircling the fleet and forming a sort of tunnel. After slowing down slightly the cloud ships passed through accepting the invitation.

    “How many were responsible for that?” Jaran asked.

    “Three” Seisha said after consulting her drudge. “But there were four types of madra. I think the gold light was from a construct.”

    “Were they all Overlords?”

    “One of them was Lindon.”

    Jaran grunted and shifted his weight off his wounded leg. He understood the truth that Lindon had been forcibly advanced but he couldn’t help but think it was a waste. What could someone else have accomplished with those same resources? He wondered if Orthos could intervene on Kelsa’s behalf. If Lindon could do as much in only a few years Kelsa would shock the entire world. On the leading cloudship a figure rose up on shining emerald wings. He looked like a powerfully built man in ornate green robes although Jaran couldnt make out his features in any detail. But from the shining crown he wore and from the visible distortion of air around him/ Jaran assumed he must be the Emperor. A moment later he revised that assumption. No Emperor would press his fists together and bow his head to his subordinates in his own territory. The voice of the majestic figure boomed out and easily audible to everyone.

    “The Blackflame Emperor greets his three esteemed guests. We are gratified to count you among our allies. Let all our Empire show respect to Archlord Eithan Arelius.”

    There came a booming sound of cheering and music from the fleet of cloudships. Before it had faded entirely the Emperor spoke again.

    “Let all our Empire show respect to the Uncrowned Queen Yerin Arelius.”

    Another even louder cheer shook the ground. Even the people of the refuge began to cheer though Jaran was certain that at least those who came from Sacred Valley had little idea what was happening.

    “Let all our Empire show respect to the Sage of Twin Stars Wei Shi Lindon Arelius.”

    A final wave of sound came out from the fleet no softer than the last. But Jaran barely heard it.

    The show had kicked him in a place no one’s words had reached. It was one thing hearing about how powerful Lindon had become and reluctantly accepting that someone had made Lindon powerful. But seeing this here with his own eyes. It was a display that would have shaken all of Sacred Valley and to have it directed to his son.

    Seisha looked at the expression on his face and sighed.

    “I did tell you” she said.

    Lindon stood on the edge of Windfall each passing second convincing him that he was supposed to do something. After greeting them Naru Huan had remained hovering in midair his head still bowed. He was clearly waiting for a response just as Lindon was waiting for Eithan to give him one. Yerin scratched her neck. She wasn’t going to bother saying anything and if she did it wouldnt be for everyone’s benefit. She would probably wave to Naru Huan and tell him to come over. This was Eithan’s job so where was?

    Eithan was grinning an idiot’s grin while staring straight at Lindon. Lindon wasn’t as surprised as he felt he should have been. He stifled a sigh and rose on a Thousand-Mile Cloud he summoned from his void key for this purpose. He drifted over to face the Emperor and only when he felt the Ruler technique around Naru Huan did he remember to manipulate the air around him using soulfire to magnify his words.

    “We are humbled to be visited personally by the Blackflame Emperor” Lindon said formally and too stiffly. He wished Mercy were here to do this instead but she was occupied with some family obligation. “We are grateful to be allowed into your territory.”

    The Emperor was a handsome man who appeared in his forties with a square jaw and neatly trimmed beard. Every time Lindon had seen him before including in the depths of battle he had looked like someone who was always in possession of himself. So Lindon knew he’d made a mistake when he saw surprise flash briefly across the Emperor’s face.

    “Not at all” Naru Huan boomed out. “It is our honor to host you for as long as you wish to stay.”

    Lindon didn’t know where to go with the conversation so he steered it in a direction he understood. If this were a normal visit he would invite his visitor inside.

    “We could use a guide to your Empire. Please step inside for a moment and provide us your wisdom.”

    That can’t have been too wrong because the Emperor dipped his head again. “It will be our pleasure with your permission our cloudships will land and begin distributing refreshments to the people.” 

    That was the loudest cheer Lindon had heard so far. He expected Naru Huan to drop the formalities when he arrived on Windfall so he was surprised to see the Emperor go to one knee the second he touched down.

    “Naru Huan greets the Sage and the Herald. Forgive me if I have offended you with my lacking manners in the past and allow me the chance to make up for it in the future.”

    Lindon and Yerin exchanged a look.

    “No eyes on us up here so you can stand up” Yerin said.

    “Please” Lindon added “It would put us at ease.”

    Naru Huan straightened up but he still didn’t meet their eyes. “Your words are more generous than I deserve. Please tell me how I or my empire might serve you two.”

    Eithan pointed to himself. “I can’t help but feel like someone is being intentionally excluded.”

    Naru Huan’s head slowly turned toward Eithan. “I’m sorry Uncrowned Queen but does this Lord speak for you?”

    “You know my name” Eithan protested.

    Naru Huan didn’t correct himself.

    “Pardon but I thought you two were friends” Lindon said. An idea occurred to him and he said “We wouldn’t mind if you spoke candidly about him. Would we Yerin?”

    “He’s harmless” Yerin agreed.

    “I would prefer to be called gentle. Maybe ‘tender.’”

    “Of course I intend no disrespect to the Archlord” the Emperor said stiffly. “I simply thought it was appropriate to greet the Sage and Herald first.”

    “Come on Huan, we’re closer than that! I thought we were friends.”

    Naru Huan’s gaze snapped to him. “I wanted a friend who would keep me informed! My sister sent me word from the Uncrowned King tournament as soon as she could but I heard nothing from you. The Akura clan sent me congratulations and didn’t even explain why.”

    “That’s quite rude of them” Eithan said but Naru Huan kept talking.

    “I was aware the Titan was going to wake up but then there was a second Dreadgod and then Monarchs fought on my western border. And I hear you fought as well! Successfully!”

    “In fairness I didn’t know about the Phoenix either.”

    “Sometimes I wonder why I play at ruling when everything that matters is decided by the games of the truly powerful.”

    “If it makes you feel better” Eithan said “everything turned out great!”

    Naru Huan looked to Yerin. “You will go down in history as a hero of the Blackflame Empire. Saeya hasn’t stopped talking about your battles since she returned. And to you.” He turned to Lindon with awe and pain clear in his expression. “If you could give me just a word of advice I would be grateful for the rest of my life. Reaching Sage at Overlord, I didn’t know it was possible truly. For a moment of your time I will give you anything within my meager power.”

    Lindon didn’t feel like it was the time to mention that he had first summoned an Icon when he was an Underlord.

    Eithan raised a hand. “May I point out that I trained these two?”

    Naru Huan breathed in for a solid five seconds and then exhaled even more slowly. He strolled over to Eithan and put a hand on the Archlord’s shoulder.

    “I know Eithan. I do know. You have done more for the Empire than anyone since my mother but you make it so hard to be grateful. If only you weren’t so infuriating all the time.”

    “All the time is a little harsh.” A little more humanity cracked Eithan’s smile. “I will allow though that I can be a unique experience.”

    “Let him kick you” Yerin suggested. Everyone looked to her and Naru Huan’s face had grown substantially brighter. But she didn’t back down. “You want to show you’re sorry let him kick you.”

    Eithan’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. “I’m a little disturbed at how quickly you came to that suggestion.”

    “I dream about it every night.”

    Naru Huan controlled himself but Lindon could see that he was holding back excitement. “I would like that very much.”

    “Well if I’m not going to defend myself I would prefer if you took it easy.”

    He didn’t. the Emperor’s kick contained all the madra, aura and soulfire of an experienced Overlord. The sudden detonation of air would have leveled Lindon’s house if not for the scripts and his own protection. As it was air surged out from Windfall for miles even buffeting some landing cloudships. Lindon watched as Eithan flew as a rapidly vanishing specks to the west. “I think he might make it all the way to Sacred Valley.”

    Naru Huan clapped his hands and shouted. “Bring me a blank tablet!” His escort of Golds on the neighboring cloudship scurried to obey. Lowering his voice back to normal the Emperor spoke to Lindon and Yerin. “I need to record this memory while it’s fresh I can never forget this.”

    Indeed he looked like hed been injected with a good night’s sleep in an instant. Kicking Eithan. Lindon would have to try that.

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    Here's an odd question for you:

    You've written some pretty great books and they stand wonderfully on their own.

    But here comes this Travis dude with his funny voices and he elevates your books to a different level of enjoyability.

    Did you ever experience an irrational micro-moment of curmudgeonliness thinking about someone else improving your hard work? Like "what do you mean better!?"

    Just curious, cause pride and possessiveness can hit creative types differently and those first kneejerk reactions don't always make sense.

    Will Wight

    Honestly, I really don’t.

    I know it sounds more honest to say “Yeah, I know it’s irrational, but I do feel that sometimes…” but I actually don’t feel that way.

    What I feel is guilt for not giving Travis better words.

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    Are you at least enjoying writing this one a bit more this time around? I know you were quite stressed the past couple books

    Will Wight

    I wish!

    I’m really not enjoying it more, and it’s no easier. However, I’ve been able to recover a lot faster. After slamming out words for a few days in a row, I start acting human again after only a few hours, and it used to take days.

    I admit I’m a little disappointed, though. I thought getting rest and taking the extra pressure off would make the process of writing feel significantly easier, and it turns out it’s just hard whether you’re burned out or not.

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    Hey Will! I'm just finishing a writing contest where I had to write faster than I ever had before. It got me wondering what the pros do. Do you have a daily word count goal, or hours, or some other kind of goal?

    Will Wight

    I usually isolate myself for blocks of time. From about three days to up to two weeks. During that time, when I’m writing a draft, I aim for 5-10k per day, depending on what I’m writing and where I am in the process.

    After that block, I take a break for a couple days and then block out some more time. Rinse and repeat until I have a draft I can work on.

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    that's so cool! being a cradle/WW novice (started last year and have devoured everything 2x!) have you written about your process? or what goes into your process that keeps you so prolific (I'm reminded of Brando Sando with your consistency, and delight)

    Will Wight

    I’ve written about my process here and there, but in short my unofficial motto is “I’m writing the best six-month book I can.”

    I prefer reading books that come out regularly to longer books that come out irregularly, so that’s what I write. Plus they tend to be more visible on Amazon and readers engage with them more, thanks to frequent releases refreshing fan engagement and visibility.

    It’s kind of a win-win, except for the people who want me to write one eight hundred page book every year or two. For those people it’s a win-lose.

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    Have you played D&D or Pathfinder?

    Will Wight

    Yes. So I played a lot of D&D. This is my jam. I really like 5th edition, was big fan. Always been a fan of 4th edition though. Nobody else like 4th edition, I was a big fan of fourth edition. The one of my big favourite things in fourth edition of D&D ,for those of you who don't know ,was that one  a lot more like gamier. So it was a lot more like a video game than a table top game. But that entirely depends on how you play it. So you can 100% play it however  you want to and then just use the mechanical powers like they give you like they don't aren't telling you how to play the game. You can do whatever you want. So what I liked about it  was that all the classes were very balanced and you can spend a long time making characters which is just a lot of fun to do. So I really like the fourth edition of DND because the classes were balanced and you can spend forever making a character and it was just fun to have bunch of powers early. So one of the problems with 5th edition is basically  all characters feel the same with some few exceptions.

    (Almost drowns)

    In fifth edition one of the big problem is basically all characters plays exactly the same regardless what your class is for the fist couple of levels so that can be frustrating.

    (swimming levels up)

    But I really like fifth edition. It's my favorite edition, I really enjoy it. I'm hopping the 6th edition is really just a refined version of 5th edition.

    But you also ask D&D or Pathfinder. And someone else is asking right now - Have you have tried Pathfinder 2nd edition?

    I have. I was not impressed. I didn't like it very much. I was expecting and hoping for that they had taken a lot of advancement that D&D 5th edition came up with and they had moved it forward from there. But instead they started way back  at the second pathfinder and kinda moved it forward. They sorta moved it from Pathfinder - the original which is based on 3.5 edition D&D and to one that is more like 4th edition D&D so they are kinda like ten years behind is what it feltlike to me. I really didn't like it. There were a few little elements that I liked that  were action economy thing where you have the different uh- It was just very intuitive, it's a lot better than move, standard, minor. I liked that. 

    I also thought that it was weird that races were called ancestries. I mean biomes don't call them  races but con species, that's what they are. So it felt like calling them ancestries was just a way to get it to spell out ABC which I thought was just  kinda odd. That was a nitpick. But I just didn't enjoy it very much. I thought I was disappointed. I had real high expectation for Pathfinder 2nd edition. I was like oh man they are about to show wizards (D&D publisher : Wizards of the Coast) how to do fifth edition right. And then instead they were instead like - here's how to do fourth edition. Wrong! So I was disappointed.

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    Are we going to get a WillVerse version of the Avengers, as in people from different book series crossover and meet in series beyond.

    Will Wight

    That was never my intention, I never intended to do that, it was never my design but I also, as I get to know the characters and flush them out and I get to know the universe more it is something I could see potentially doing at some point. Just because if I end up getting a really good idea for it that I think is fun and I do it, the big problem with that is the actual Avengers (the marvel movies) require you to watch 20 movies right, and really only like 12 of them are really necessary but still that’s a lot of movies. However, that’s a total investment time of like 40 hours as opposed to reading 20 books which would take probably twice that. So, its more of an exception, much less reading a bunch of different series so I don't know how practical it is because then people would be like...Who's that character? So, I don’t know, but it might be fun. It's not something that I am married to, or necessarily against. It seems like the kind of thing that would be hostile to new readers, you know what I mean? It's like oh yeah you have to have read all these other series to read... cool, cool, cool.

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    I've really enjoyed seeing the abidan heavenly universe see development and expansion over different series as they edge. Do you think we'll ever reach the point where a novel (or series) is entirely set in the outer universe where the Abidan and Vroshir openly operate?

    Will Wight

    Yes absolutely, I do think... someone’s asking me, will there be an Abidan Series? Absolutely there will, one of the big problems... its controversial the Abidan sections in cradle which make total sense because they don't directly contribute to the main plot...yet. So, I understand why those are controversial, I get that. That was a design decision I made early in Cradle’s process, and I stuck to it. I don't know if that was the correct decision or not, I guess history will tell. But if I do one in the Abidan world or worlds, that would the primary universe. So, I would like to do that but probably not, that’s probably not going to be the next thing, I probably want to do just something completely unrelated. 

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    What is your favorite part of being a successful author.

    Will Wight

    Ooh, Huh. That’s an interesting question, that's a question I feel like I should get more often than I do. I’ve gotten it before but it's one of those I would have thought everyone wonders about.

    You know this sounds cheesy but its legit true. My favorite part of being a successful author is that people are enjoying the books, seriously. The rest of it is cool... I guess, but I prefer, I honestly would rather have stayed anonymous and have nobody know who I was like Pirate Aba has managed to do because I don't particularly like the attention, I would rather just be writing books. But I really like the sort of...proof I guess that people really do like the books. They are enjoying them, and I think that's really cool. That's a really fun experience to me and the funny thing is that doesn’t really translate directly to confidence like it probably should. So, I really should be like yeah everybody likes the books, so I feel like everybody likes the books, but I don’t. I'm always super nervous about every book release people are going to be disappointed and be like...wait a second this guy has no idea what he is doing so... Yup, so that's my favorite part of it.

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    If the main characters of your other series (Simon, Calder, and Shera) were to move to cradle and become sacred artists, what would be their underlord revelations?

    Will Wight

    I can give you an off the cuff answer but not a designed answer.

    I don’t know. I guess that would depend, they would have to become different people in Cradle, so that would be... They would have to adapt, so I’m not sure. 

    [Talks about the need to chop wood in the video game , then repeats the question]

    So I'm not sure what that would be... I can't do that off the top of my -- I was going to give you a flippant answer off the top of my head but I cant do it. I want to give it the thought it deserves but I can't answer that. Lets see... Shera's, I don't know that requires to much thought. It really requires a lot of deliberation on what really fundamentally motivates the character and that's not something im prepared to do off the top of my head. [Reads a question about Elysia but doesn't answer it then reads a suggestion on Shera's revelation from chat and laughs] Yeah probably Shera's would be "I Sleep".

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    #15 Copy

    Ben Jason

    Favourite eastern webnovel you've read?

    Will Wight

    See, I was sort of answering this earlier, its hard for me to answer favorite books/favorite authors. There's so many qualifiers to that and it changes based on what I'm thinking about so i mentioned a few; Coiling Dragon, I have read Mother of Learning but that’s not an eastern web novel so that doesn't count, somebody in chat mentioned Mother of i like Coiling dragon a lot. I like, Against the gods. Someone’s asking me if I have read name of the wind, that’s another... come on man... of course, of course I have read name of the wind. Who hasn’t read the name of the wind?

    So eastern novels, Coiling Dragon, I liked Against the Gods for a while... I dropped that, its kind of... I liked it for a while. And let’s see, I really liked... Second coming of Gluttony I really liked. Solo leveling, I'm the Evil Lord of an Inter-Galactic Empire, and weakest mage are the ones I’m keeping up with now. To be a power in the shadows is great.

    So, people are asking me about I Shall Seal the Heavens, all these web novels people are asking me if I've read...Yes. Everybody’s asking me title by title have you read this, have you read this, I have tried... Every web novel name I have seen i have either read or tried or started to read. I have read some significant chunk of every single name that I just saw. Sooo, yes. So, there's just that some of them just aren't my cup of tea. 

    I Shall Seal the Heavens is one of the ones that people talk about that is one of the classics of the genre and I have tried to read it, I have tried so many times and I always get about halfway into volume two and I just quit. I don't like it, it's not my cup of tea.

    [Reads twitch Chat and laughs]

    So "InfinitePool" is getting me to plug A Will Eternal, it is another good web novel on WuxiaWorld I really like.

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    Is there a question we forgot to ask but definitely should?

    Will Wight

    Yikes, I feel like that gives me the opportunity to come up with such a cool question but I can't think of it... Lets see... [Will repeats the question].[Siiiiip]

    Hmmm... I cant think of anything. I wish i could... i can think of some flippant answers to that like some jokes but I want to give you a good thoughtful response to that and I can't. 

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    #18 Copy


    So ok with getting constantly poisoned by the Heavens glory school? While he's running away in the Labyrinth he comments that all his soulfire has run out and his body is weak because he can get tired while running. So why on earth would he think that he would remain safe from poison while in the valley? Sounds incredibly stupid.

    Will Wight

    Let me be clear about this: the poison did absolutely nothing.

    Yerin thought it did because she was young and weak at the time. Tim was 100% correct about the effect the poison would have on his body. It was none.

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    What medium do you have the best profit margins from? We just want to make sure the most of our dollar gets into the author’s pockets.

    Will Wight

    Ah, ok. I appreciate that question, I know it seems like I made that question up, but I did not someone else really thought about it. So, it's purchasing the eBook that I get the most revenue from. Buying the paperback, doesn't... I get less from that than I do from an eBook sale, or a comparable amount. Reading on Kindle Unlimited does get me some, so if you don't have the money and you want to read on Kindle Unlimited by all means read it on Kindle Unlimited, I'm not stopping anybody from reading however they can get it. But yeah, if you really wanted to know what version makes me the most money it is buying the eBook.

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    #20 Copy


    If you had the ability to polymorph into one mundane earth creature at will which creature would you chose?

    Will Wight

    I don't know, I’m thinking of... So, to illustrate to you where my imagination goes, so I immediately am like I want to pick something weird so I immediately thought of like, a jellyfish. I thought that would be like something that I'm like... Ok, you know it's extremely different from the human experience so that would be interesting. But then I think it would probably be something that I would want to be... be safe... something that it doesn’t have any natural predators. I don't know, a blue whale? But then that’s super inconvenient so... Something that is, probably like a.. a housecat probably because then people would take care of me and I wouldn't be in any danger from the natural world and I can blend in, in pretty much any environment. So, yeah that’s pretty... that would probably be my practical answer. In terms of which one would I want to turn into... hmmmm, Silverback Gorilla.