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2023 ()
#1 Copy


  1. Did Lindon become a monarch right before ascending?

  2. What was Kelsa's weapon that he promised her and even went on about how he was going to wait until he healed to do something worthy? Maybe I missed it, but I don't think it was revealed.

Will Wight

  1. He did not. He bypassed Monarch by becoming a Dreadgod.

  2. It has not yet been revealed.

2023 ()
#2 Copy


So did lindon power degrade back to just being a sage by the time he ascends?

Will Wight


I know I didn’t go into great detail, but he didn’t need to shed a bunch of power until he was weak enough to ascend. He had to wait until hunger aura had faded more in Cradle AND his power was better integrated into his body.

A regular Sage wouldn’t have been able to handle a bunch of Dreadgod weapons at once, body Li Markuth, and then face down a guy called the Devourer of Dimensions.