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September 2019-December 2019 ()
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Travelers Gate Trilogy has been my personal favorite fantasy series since i read it. And Cradle is easily one of my favorites of all time (if the books length was as long as other epic fantasy series like WoT, Malazan or Stormlight Archives i bet it easily rivals them .. in fact i feel Cradle is just as epic for me).Thank you for bringing life to series i didn't i needed but i did. Which also coincidentally the reason why life is alot more bearable to live(given IRL is brutal)Btw Travelers Gate and Cradle related question if you don't mind me asking.1. If Simon goes ascension route. Is Caela eligible as his future presence ? How about the Eldest ?2. Why did Eithan decide to pick pure madra path ?

Will Wight

Well, we can agree on at least one thing: real life is best escaped whenever possible. I'm glad you enjoy the books!1.) Yeah, Caela could potentially become his Presence if he ascended.2.) It's a spoooooky myyyyyysteeeerrrryyyyy....