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Dreadgod Release Stream ()
#2 Copy


Will Cradle end with Zeno defeating everybody?

Will Wight

I'm loving the anime references in here. Anybody whose not an anime fan and has been here has been lost for five minutes. Zeno is the ultimate power in the Dragon Ball universe, introduced in Dragon Ball Super. He is the ultimate power, can erase universes at a whim. Yes, that is exactly how Cradle's gonna end. Lindon and Orthos are gonna fuse into the Path of Twin Turtles and then Zeno's gonna erase everybody. Yeah, 100 percent. 

One of the things I actually love about this introduction to the canon of Dragon Bal is the idea that the ruler of the Dragon Ball universe is a childlike entity who only cares about seeing cool fights because that explains so much about the entire universe. I was like, this is something you added in later but it completely fits because very thing that happens in the Dragon Ball universe is at the whim of a childlike character who just wants to see cool fights and that explains so much. I'm just like, yeah, that's about right, that makes sense. It all checks out.

September 2018 - December 2018 ()
#5 Copy


Will the reason I asked about Raw Shark Texts is because I thought it might be good instruction for Lindon x Yerin

Will Wight

Their next villain will be the text on the page, forming itself into a shark to devour their conceptual existence


that's actually that could work in Cradle

Will Wight

Yeah, as I said it, that actually wasn’t too absurd for the Abidan.

Will's Life ()
#6 Copy


When is the Rithmatist 2 coming out!?!?

Generally entitled and agitated fantasy reader

Yea Will, I really feel like you're not putting enough work in Doors of Stone. Don't you understand how hard this is for ME?

Will Wight

If I was writing Doors of Stone, it would have been out years ago, but it also would have been much shorter and less polished. I suggest waiting.The Rithmatist, though, that I'm almost finished with.

Will's Life ()
#8 Copy

garbagiel the racoon

So the guy who writes the messages in my fortune cookies also writes the books I read?


Will Wight

Curb your expectations, and you will curb your disappointment.Your lucky numbers are: 1-20-118

September 2018 - December 2018 ()
#13 Copy


I have to ask Will, does the sword sage have a name? I’ve been assuming it’s Tim until proved otherwise.

Will Wight

He does. It is Tim.

(Not to take us too far back on topic, but just to be clear: the Sword Sage does have a name, it will be used in the series, and it isn’t really Tim. Let your meme-y hopes die.)

It’s Timothy. He didn’t like nicknames.