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Cradle ()
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It has been discussed and mentioned in the book and in discord But I wanted to clarify the steps for Underlord that have been mentioned. (i understand the spoilers etc. so if you can't give anything away :ok_hand: ) Step 1 is opening a soul space above the core to place things. step 2 was mentioned being able to weave soulfire but is that just the first part of step 2 or is that all step 2 is?

Will Wight

Soulfire: that's all step two is, but it's more complicated than it sounds. Step 3 is forging your body in soulfire.

September 2018 - December 2018 ()
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I believe the books explain all that. Jai Daishou was very old. However lots of the characters are very old and are essentially super young too because of their advancement, Daishou had stalled on his so age was catching up to him. As long as you keep pushing you stay young or get younger

Will Wight


Yep, this is the case. He was also an old man already when he advanced to Underlord, so while it extended his lifespan and kept him healthier, it can only go so far. If he had hit Underlord when he was 25, he wouldn’t have been so pressured for time.

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Laben, friend of Jeremiah Halstead, esq.

What do you think of making the level of lord they are (at least at that high level) be named after some achievement or change that the person goes through to reach that level? Like a flying lord, or a wandering lord, or an inhuman lord, or shining lord, or dread lord (which may not be named after a change, but I like the sound of it). Other random ideas: ice lord, mist lord, perhaps a fun corruption of time lord (back to the thesaurus we go), scholar lord, ... These are getting worse as I go so I'll stop here.

Will Wight

Makes sense, Friend of Jeremiah. But as I have it now, the mechanic used to advance from Gold to Lord involves claiming and holding external powers, which is somewhat implicit in the word "Lord." So any prefix I used based on the mechanic would be redundant.

I could always change the mechanic to suit the word, if I came up with a word I liked, but that leaves us back at square one.