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Cradle ()
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I think you'd stopped reading comments by the time I posted this one on a different blog post, so I'll copy it below since it seems relevant to me.


Lindon finds badges of other materials - "The first row contained a badge each of copper, iron, jade, and gold. That much he expected. But the second row moved from halfsilver to goldsteel to materials he couldn't identify. One of them was a deep, fiery red, and the other a blue so rich it was like a Forged slice of the sky."

Does the description of the power scale change at Underlord, or is that one term an aberration? Will we see people at Halfsilver / Goldsteel level, or is Underlord [now the ___Lord range of levels] simply represented by one of those?

Heck, I was wondering if Underlord was more a political title than truly an advancement-in-the-sacred-arts label.

If Halfsilver is used for the ___Lord stage, then what about "Silverlord"?

Will Wight

The materials motif changes after Gold, reflecting the fact that improving the quality of your madra alone is not how you advance. You could technically get all the way to Truegold just by cycling and refining your madra, it would just take forever.

I actually like Silverlord a lot, because it sounds cool. It seems kind of random in sequence, though: Underlord, Silverlord, Overlord.

Cradle ()
#2 Copy

Laben, friend of Jeremiah Halstead, esq.

What do you think of making the level of lord they are (at least at that high level) be named after some achievement or change that the person goes through to reach that level? Like a flying lord, or a wandering lord, or an inhuman lord, or shining lord, or dread lord (which may not be named after a change, but I like the sound of it). Other random ideas: ice lord, mist lord, perhaps a fun corruption of time lord (back to the thesaurus we go), scholar lord, ... These are getting worse as I go so I'll stop here.

Will Wight

Makes sense, Friend of Jeremiah. But as I have it now, the mechanic used to advance from Gold to Lord involves claiming and holding external powers, which is somewhat implicit in the word "Lord." So any prefix I used based on the mechanic would be redundant.

I could always change the mechanic to suit the word, if I came up with a word I liked, but that leaves us back at square one.