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December 2020 - December 2021 ()
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This does raise a question, how much of the end game of cradles plot did you already have in mind when you started? It definitely seems like you had a pretty good outline based on how tight this series plotwise has been.

Will Wight

The main thing I didn’t know was how many volumes there would be in the series. I had no idea Cradle would be such a success, so I didn’t know how many books I was going to be allowed.

Thought I might run out of money and have to stop writing.

I knew who Ozriel was from the beginning, and I was disappointed I couldn’t fit Eithan into Book 1. I knew several of the landmark events and types of books I wanted to hit on the way, like I wanted to do a pocket dimension training book (Ghostwater), a tournament arc, a return to Sacred Valley, etc.

I knew where I wanted the major characters to end up and how I wanted to end things in the world of Cradle, so that was all there. And I knew a lot of the themes and the general gist of who Lindon was and his journey of growth throughout the series.

But if I had known from the beginning that I had exactly twelve books, I could have paced some things out better.

Reaper Spoiler Stream ()
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How could Eithan claim to be under 35 for the uncrowned tourney?

Will Wight

There’s two ways that could’ve happened with information that is already presented in Reaper. The Origin Shroud if its powerful enough to deceive the Mad King and Ozriel then it’s powerful enough to deceive people on Cradle, right? And then Eithan had to incarnate into a real mortal body. This wasn’t like a fake thing where he was disguising himself he had to really be mortal. He could easily have actually been under 35. Those 2 solutions are both possible.

December 2020 - December 2021 ()
#5 Copy


Are you at least enjoying writing this one a bit more this time around? I know you were quite stressed the past couple books

Will Wight

I wish!

I’m really not enjoying it more, and it’s no easier. However, I’ve been able to recover a lot faster. After slamming out words for a few days in a row, I start acting human again after only a few hours, and it used to take days.

I admit I’m a little disappointed, though. I thought getting rest and taking the extra pressure off would make the process of writing feel significantly easier, and it turns out it’s just hard whether you’re burned out or not.