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September 2018 - December 2018 ()
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If I turned my Blackbelt into a Soulbound Vessel, what powers would I gain?

If Lindon and company each got to make a Soulbound Vessel, what would each of them go for?


Black belt: in order to make it a Vessel, you'd have to give it some inherent power source, such as from an Elder or a Kameira. That being the case, it would depend on what material you wove into the belt.

Lindon: a pair of glasses that enhances focus, concentration, and power while Reading.

Yerin: a sword.

Eithan: a colorful suit that overwhelms all who see him with awe.

Mercy: a watering can that grows healthy plant

Dreadgod Release Stream ()
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Are the characters voices always Travis Baldree in your head?

Will Wight

You have asked a wise question. I go back and forth, of course I had character voices in my head before Travis read them. When I did my reread of Cradle, I listened to the audiobooks primarily so that I could kind of adjust my mental voices to not exactly match Travis's but be informed by them. Now what it sounds like in my head is like the old characters have taken on some of the mannerisms of the Travis Baldree versions so that now they're a little more compatible. The characters have grown and adapted in my brain.

Ken Worthington

Eithan can only whisper in your ear because your hair lacks volume and definition.

Will Wight

You are absolutely correct. That is why I do not hear the voice of Eithan more clearly, it is because my hair game is weak, and that's why I wear these hats, so it's all connected. This is all a hair conspiracy.

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Somebody mentioned One Punch Man, and I've gotta say, if you're not reading One Punch Man you should be reading One Punch Man. The manga coming out right now, it's spicy it's good stuff. There was a lot of stuff in that where I was like "That's good writing." Cause they set it up, they did it, they built the characters, they had payoff, they were aiming for an emotional catharsis and they're doing some good stuff right now.

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When reading, what makes you say "This is good writing?"

Will Wight

When I am reading someone else's book, or watching a movie, or watching a TV show, or playing a game, I go "That was good." when the character does something that is organic to them that is contrary to what you would expect from the cliché. Or something that plays on the viewer/reader expectation in a good way, in a positive way. Not something that necessarily surprises or twists you but something where you go "That makes sense for them, I like that." It's when the characters respond organically, so let me see if I can come up with an example from Stranger Things. I still haven't watched the last two episodes so these won't be spoilers. I thought when we got the backstory from the bad guy of the latest season of Stranger Things I thought that was really clever and well done, because I had seen one thread and I had seen the other thread coming, and I had not seen how they overlapped. When I did that I was like "That was really good writing, that was good story construction, they constructed that in a way for a particular effect in such a way that even if you saw both threads coming, you still wouldn't have ruined the effect of the two crossing. Someone said, "Oh no, you've started a Will rant." That's not wrong. But yeah, I see these things and I go "That's good, I like that moment, that landed really well." Whenever they land a moment, whenever they've got this line, there's sometimes where I think the delivery is even better than the line and I'm going "Man, this line was really elevated by this delivery or this actor or whatever." That's I guess the idea, when I go "That makes total sense for the character, it's organic, and I didn't see it coming."