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September 2018 - December 2018 ()
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purchased! like any narrator this one takes a little while to get used to but so far I think he's really good. this is based on 2 hours of listening but so far no complaints.


What is the tentative schedule for the remainder of the series?

Will Wight

I know it’s been a while since you asked this question, but I have a sort of answer for you!

Soulsmith has been fully recorded and is now in editing, which typically takes two weeks. After that, it goes to Audible, who takes however long they take (typically around two more weeks, but it seems pretty random).

So we’re expecting the Soulsmith book sometime in November! We’re hoping for early November, but it’s largely up to Audible whether its Week 1 or Week 4.

Bloodline Release Stream ()
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Will Will do the audio for the next Traveler's Gate series?

Will Wight

Ahh... no. If it's up to me, I would not be doing the current Traveler's Gate audio as it is currently available on Amazon. I would absolutely get a professional to do it; and if I have my way, it would be one professional, and that is Travis Baldree.

So that is my preference, so... I have no attachment to my own work - by all means, burn it to the ground and let it be forgotten by man.

Dreadgod Release Stream ()
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Have you considered getting a tiny bell to go with your Eithan scissors so that you can ring it whenever Yerin uses the Endless Sword?

Will Wight

Obviously I have used that expression a lot, "ring like a bell." People are pointing it out because the Traveler's Gate got rerecorded and they're hearing Travis say it, and it's ringing bells from Cradle. Yes, I do use that phrase a lot, probably too much. I mostly use it in Traveler's Gate to describe the sound of steel on steel because it's unbreakable Tartarus Steel hitting unbreakable Tartarus Steel so I was going "What's a relatable way to describe that? Bells." And then I was going "Okay, when we have Yerin's Endless Sword, it's got to make a certain sound," then I was like "Ah, yeah, rang like a bell." Was the result that I have two series where everything rings like a bell. And then we have Little Blue, who speaks entirely in bell and chime sounds.

Dreadgod Release Stream ()
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Are the characters voices always Travis Baldree in your head?

Will Wight

You have asked a wise question. I go back and forth, of course I had character voices in my head before Travis read them. When I did my reread of Cradle, I listened to the audiobooks primarily so that I could kind of adjust my mental voices to not exactly match Travis's but be informed by them. Now what it sounds like in my head is like the old characters have taken on some of the mannerisms of the Travis Baldree versions so that now they're a little more compatible. The characters have grown and adapted in my brain.

Ken Worthington

Eithan can only whisper in your ear because your hair lacks volume and definition.

Will Wight

You are absolutely correct. That is why I do not hear the voice of Eithan more clearly, it is because my hair game is weak, and that's why I wear these hats, so it's all connected. This is all a hair conspiracy.