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September 2018 - December 2018 ()
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There was an entry [on the old wiki] that talked aobut how judges had the ferarris and regular abidan had the corollas

Will Wight

I don’t remember that analogy, but it’s a good one. Abidan use Presences for a lot of things, not just personal regulation of power. Everybody in the Abidan WOULD have one, at least as the equivalent of like a cell phone.


Wait, does that mean that they are as common and useful as cell phones, or that the difference between a Judge and and Abidan presence is a cellphone and a ferrari?

Will Wight

Sorry, I switched analogies. I meant they’re as ubiquitous and convenient as cell phones.

Cradle ()
#3 Copy


Was wondering a bit about Dross and Northstrider, I've read the WoW and we were discussing it last night. I know you've said that Northstrider would think Dross was a failure because he doesn't have the depth of information as a Abidan presence, but I was also wondering if Dross is a bit more aware/independent than Northstrider would like/how the Abidan Presences are

Like Suriel's keeps giving distance units to various places, even when clear context would say not to do that, until she tells it to stop.

Will Wight

We’ll get more into the nature of Presences as the series progresses, but basically they’re each very individual. Suriel’s is very different from Makiel’s in both specialty and personality, etc.

Cradle ()
#5 Copy


How does the Presence work? Is it a construct. A drudge? Both? Does Suriel even have a Remnant? I think not as she can't die.

Will Wight

A drudge is a particular type of construct. A Presence is something like a construct, only much more advanced.

You could think of it as a magical computer made of thoughts.

And Suriel did not grow up in Cradle. The FIRST Abidan came from Cradle, and MANY Abidan still do, but not ALL of them do.