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January 2019 - February 2019 (Pre-Underlord) ()
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Is it possible to develop a veil like technique that blocks the Arelius senses.

Will Wight

Yes, but it would be difficult, given that Arelius senses pick up physical sensory information, not spiritual. But you could develop a technique that would do it, and carry a construct around that prevented them from spying on you. Either it could scramble the particular threads of madra they’re using, or it could generate a shadow or cloud or whatever that blocked them from picking up anything from within it.

It would be relatively easier to script a room or container to block them out, but you’d still need to know how.

Cradle ()
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How did the Blood line powers originate and how come the Jae Clan don't have any? Are they not one the "Great Families?"

Will Wight

Not everyone inherits a bloodline legacy. Higher-level sacred beasts can take human form, so some people have sacred beast lineage that gives them certain innate supernatural abilities. That includes the Arelius family, but not the Jai clan.

In most cases, a bloodline legacy means that you're naturally inclined more toward one Path than another, though. Your madra might not be entirely pure, even at birth.

The Arelius are an exception to that.

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Early in Blackflame, Cassius mentions that his father sent him. Later on we learn that only Cassius and Eithan have the Arelius bloodline sensing ability, I assume that means that Cassius' mother was the Arelius blood member and that she is dead? In which case I would love to hear more about Cassius' story and how the Arelius family survived before they had an underlord.

Will Wight

No no, Cassias and Eithan (and technically Cassias' son, but he's very young) are the only bloodline Arelius in the city at that time.