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January 2019 - February 2019 (Pre-Underlord) ()
#2 Copy


In Ghostwater, right after Ziel uses his gatekey, the Beast King and Ziel have a conversation in which the beast king states

"Since you seem so willing to help others, I have something to occupy your time. I put a couple of golds on a task for me, and they seem to have gotten themselves stuck. How about you swing by and un-stick them."

Based on the following paragraphs, and the scene where Ziel intervenes on Yerin's and Mercy's behalf, the Beast King is claiming that he is responsible for Yerin's and Mercy's task.

My question is what do you all think the task the Beast king was talking about?

Will Wight

Yeah, this was my mistake. I should have taken out the line when I took out the other scenes, but I missed it.

The audiobook is in recording now with this line corrected, btw.

Cradle ()
#3 Copy


The wastland artist in the excerpt is described as "horned". What does his horn (horns?) look like?A heavy rhinotype horn, like a stag etc or?

Will Wight

Two upward-curving emerald horns. They’re luminous lime green at the base and they run up the gradient to the points, which are dark green.

Footnote: This was written before Ghostwater and is a description of Ziel.