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March 2019 - May 2019 ()
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I’ve been meaning to ask what happened to the Tidewalker Sect that was mentioned in Ghostwater? It seems like that got retconned and the Arelius family was substituted as one of the Monarch factions.

u/Will_Wight, is that what happened, or can we expect hear more about the Tidewalker Sect in future books?

Will Wight

Not a retcon! The Tidewalkers are not now and never were a Monarch faction, but we can expect to see some of them at the Uncrowned King tournament. As a vassal faction.

Jan to Jun 2020 ()
#2 Copy


Lindon's trip into the Archlord Treasure vault should have had an entire chapter full of amazing weapons and trinkets for Lindon and the readers to get dragon fever over. 

Will Wight

That treasure vault scene, I absolutely did feel like it was missing.The treasure vault is mentioned in Underlord, then twice more in Uncrowned. When the scene skips to Lindon's fight with Naian, the transition is written competently, so it wasn't jarring, but it definitely felt like something was missing.Also, it would have been a perfect place to explain WHY Lindon chose the weapons he did for the individual matches, which would have smoothed out another rough spot.So yeah, while I'm too deep in Book 8 to be able to objectively rank Book 7, I do agree that the vault scene should have been there.