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Have you played D&D or Pathfinder?

Will Wight

Yes. So I played a lot of D&D. This is my jam. I really like 5th edition, was big fan. Always been a fan of 4th edition though. Nobody else like 4th edition, I was a big fan of fourth edition. The one of my big favourite things in fourth edition of D&D ,for those of you who don't know ,was that one  a lot more like gamier. So it was a lot more like a video game than a table top game. But that entirely depends on how you play it. So you can 100% play it however  you want to and then just use the mechanical powers like they give you like they don't aren't telling you how to play the game. You can do whatever you want. So what I liked about it  was that all the classes were very balanced and you can spend a long time making characters which is just a lot of fun to do. So I really like the fourth edition of DND because the classes were balanced and you can spend forever making a character and it was just fun to have bunch of powers early. So one of the problems with 5th edition is basically  all characters feel the same with some few exceptions.

(Almost drowns)

In fifth edition one of the big problem is basically all characters plays exactly the same regardless what your class is for the fist couple of levels so that can be frustrating.

(swimming levels up)

But I really like fifth edition. It's my favorite edition, I really enjoy it. I'm hopping the 6th edition is really just a refined version of 5th edition.

But you also ask D&D or Pathfinder. And someone else is asking right now - Have you have tried Pathfinder 2nd edition?

I have. I was not impressed. I didn't like it very much. I was expecting and hoping for that they had taken a lot of advancement that D&D 5th edition came up with and they had moved it forward from there. But instead they started way back  at the second pathfinder and kinda moved it forward. They sorta moved it from Pathfinder - the original which is based on 3.5 edition D&D and to one that is more like 4th edition D&D so they are kinda like ten years behind is what it feltlike to me. I really didn't like it. There were a few little elements that I liked that  were action economy thing where you have the different uh- It was just very intuitive, it's a lot better than move, standard, minor. I liked that. 

I also thought that it was weird that races were called ancestries. I mean biomes don't call them  races but con species, that's what they are. So it felt like calling them ancestries was just a way to get it to spell out ABC which I thought was just  kinda odd. That was a nitpick. But I just didn't enjoy it very much. I thought I was disappointed. I had real high expectation for Pathfinder 2nd edition. I was like oh man they are about to show wizards (D&D publisher : Wizards of the Coast) how to do fifth edition right. And then instead they were instead like - here's how to do fourth edition. Wrong! So I was disappointed.