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Cradle ()
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Cradle map as some point? I love having visual maps to help localise where everything is in relation to each other.

Will Wight

I might be persuaded to do it someday, but I don’t like maps and I don’t like making maps. I have a map for my own reference.

I would give everyone in this channel $100 and a crystallized drop of my blood if I released a map and didn’t get a slew of complaints like “But this region seems like it should be farther away,” and “There’s no way the weather would be like this there,” “Those don’t look like natural rivers,” “Why don’t the roads have a more logical layout,” and so on and so forth. Drives me crazy, and I don’t want to deal with it, so no maps.


You could publish the map as drawn by some character who is explicitly mentioned as really bad at maps and without any sense of direction. 

Will Wight

I tried something like that with Traveler’s Gate, and still got a ton of the very nitpicking I was trying to avoid.   So NO MAPS! I’m hearing that in the voice of Edna from the Incredibles. “No capes!”