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Will's Life ()
#1 Copy

Your Benevolent Dictator

What about warlock punch?  


Not sure what that is

Will Wight

The superior Falcon clone  

Your Benevolent Dictator

The only character I use in smash is ma boi ganon

Will Wight

Yeah, I’m a decent Ganondorf. He’s my go-to heavy

Will's Life ()
#2 Copy


Thoughts on smash?

Will Wight

My thoughts are: "Why am I not playing Smash right now?"


For real though, I feel like they should have done this concept last time around. Putting everyone on the roster just makes sense; Smash doesn't have to be balanced, as long as there are a few competitively viable people. Why NOT have a massive roster?


I'm excited. Smash Bros is one of my secret joys.

(Jk, it's not secret.)