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Favorite Halloween Candy?


This is going to be blasphemous to some of you, but I really like candy corn. [Sam boos] I know, I know, I realize that sounds like a terrible take, but I love candy corn. [Will's siblings' noises] I really like corn. Big fan of candy corn. I realize that's saying... pineapple pizza. Speaking of pizza, I love anchovies, [I] love anchovy pizza. Probably my favorite kind of pizza. I made an anchovy pizza a couple of days ago, and I had the the leftovers for lunch today. So I got a lot of hot takes comin'. The candy corn thing, a couple of things, I really just like it, and, as I as I said earlier about the Halloween aesthetic for a fantasy novel, I really love the Halloween the aesthetic, I love the Halloween's color palette, the designs, the common themes and tropes and icons. And candy corn is just one of those that just look iconic to me. I love Reese's'. That's probably my other favorite [candy].* That's the thing I would probably be happiest to get if I was trick-or-treating, but Reese's don't look as cool,. They are neat, but they are not as ionic, and I think candy corn just says Halloween to me. It's like having a peep for Easter. It just looks like the holiday.

*He said thing here, but I am pretty sure he meant candy.