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September 2019-December 2019 ()
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A few days ago, I asked how bindings are powered/recharged here:

The consensus was that bindings work as they are described in Soulsmith, where Lindon creates his own water: his core is basically drained from the effort of "activating the binding," where that madra is converted to water madra.

The critical detail being that Lindon's own madra is drained from him into the weapon to activate the binding.

So far, so good.

Then, in Uncrowned, we see Yerin activate an Archlord weapon. The explanation we're given is that her new diamond channels kept her from being destroyed by using it two stages too soon. I guess if it's an enormous amount of Yerin's madra being ripped out of her into the weapon, this explanation makes sense, except...

Where did Yerin get all that Madra?

It's described as consuming the enormous arena stage, and being so much that Lindon's arm was ripping at the seams trying to control it all.

Has Yerin been using the HEPW? I can't imagine her having all that madra in her cores, especially after a long fight with Lindon.

Will Wight

The madra can come from the substance of the construct or from the madra forming the binding itself, which is how independent constructs work and why they cannibalize themselves over time.

Since Yerin can’t afford to subsidize an entire Archlord technique with her own madra, she puts as much as she can into activating and controlling it, and the rest of the power comes from the sword itself.

Which will cut down on the sword’s lifespan unless it receives serious maintenance.


Yessss thank you!

So if Eithan wanted to activate an Archlord binding, and hypothetically also had diamond channels, he could do so without damaging it?

Will Wight

He could! Technically any Underlord can, if they have some way to handle the stress it puts on their spirit. It’s just usually better to have a weapon you can control and activate consistently with no risk.

September 2018 - December 2018 ()
#2 Copy


Okay, why in Heaven's name did Lindon not keep the fisher remnant he found in the Transient Ruins? Almost never ending water is one of the most important survival tools in existence.       It's even worse than him forgetting he has a fire starter in the Blackflame Trials.

Will Wight

Lindon didn’t forget about the water binding, but bindings are inherently not long-term items that you can use forever. They draw on their own substance for power every time they’re used.     If I was more focused on keeping the reader up-to-date on Lindon’s inventory, I would have specifically made a note about it dissolving away or Lindon throwing it away because it had become useless. I didn’t bother with it because it wasn’t relevant to his story problems.