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Cradle ()
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[From a reddit post regarding Little Blue]"Sylvan Riverseeds were natural spirits—beings like Remnants, only born of accumulated vital aura rather than the death of a sacred artist. They only formed in places where the aura was both extremely strong and in perfect balance. If the aura slanted toward one aspect or another, a different natural spirit would form. Typically, you would find that balance of aura in the heart of a forest, next to a spring or a river. In such a place, air and earth, heat and cold, life and death all coexisted at the same point in roughly equal amounts." Location 9460 in cradle foundationInteresting. Except Ghostwater reiterates the life & water line about Sylvan Riverseeds, and explains that Sylvan Dreamseeds are created when a different two elements are in balance:“Sylvan Dreamseeds,” Dross explained. “Just like Riverseeds are pure spirits that are born in areas with a strong balance between water and life aura, these little guys are born under the influence of dream aura. From the dream tablets, you see. The library and the Well are here purely to create the right conditions for their birth.Wight, Will. Ghostwater (Cradle Book 5) (Kindle Locations 2364-2367). Hidden Gnome Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Will Wight

When Dross says what he does about life and water, it’s a simplification. The first answer is more technically correct.

Underlord Release Q&A ()
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After hearing your Dross voice, I now believe Dross is a gnome. Is this true?

Will Wight

Haha. Yes this is 100% accurate, Dross is only 30% through his transition to full gnome hood. He's currently like a Mike Wazowski looking floating purple thing, but he's going to develop a second eye and a whole little body and a beard and denim overalls and a peaked red hat, yes.

Cradle ()
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Did dross just make more ghostwater in the end by mixing all three vials together and ghostwater or was that supposed to be a different substance all together?

Will Wight

That process in the end is just how you make more ghostwater.