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September 2018 - December 2018 ()
#21 Copy


I don't think [Lindon and Yerin] should date at all. I don't have a reason, just imo I do not think they work and it kind of a troupe that the two lead characters of opposite gender started dating in a book.

Will Wight   


Just as a clarification, a "trope" is just a literary element used to build a story. The story's a house, and a trope is a brick. Stories are made of tropes.   As for this specific subject, I know that if I do end up pairing Lindon and Yerin, some people are going to be thrilled and others will be disappointed. I'm aware of that with every choice I make. There's nothing wrong with not wanting a specific pairing, or not wanting something to happen in a story.

Cradle ()
#23 Copy

Bamfious (paraphrased)

When can we expect to learn why Yerin didn't get sword arms at Truegold?

Will Wight (paraphrased)

You can expect that in the next book. Maybe.

Footnote: This was taken from a conversation at DragonCon 2018
January 2019 - February 2019 (Pre-Underlord) ()
#24 Copy


Question not related to this thread but.... At one point in the past you mentioned that Kelsa was originally supposed to leave sacred valley with Lindon but you instead created Yerin. Is Kelsa still going to be a relevant character in the series or will she be another Tenten? The 2 friends I got to read the series both liked her.

Will Wight

Hm, that's a good question. Hang on to that question. Remember that you asked it.

Cradle ()
#25 Copy


Additionally, those colored rings of madra that Lindon sees around the sword sages remnant! Those just little cool visual effects? Extra soul spaces (will yerin find some presents as she advances?) Or are they indications he has more than one path!?!

Will Wight

They are little extra powers that the Sword Sage gained over his long career that he had stored in his soul. They became part of his spirit over time, and merged with his Remnant when he died.The only spoiler is the nature of what those powers were.